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Treat Your Feet, Reflexologist | Hand and Feet Reflexology | Work Shops | School of Reflexology | Augusta MaineWELCOME to Treat Your Feet where I improve your wellness by improving your circulation and reducing body stress! Treat Your Feet offers you an incredible foot and hand treatment in a relaxing atmosphere. At first your feet and hands may be shy, but soon they begin to relax and trust the process. After a warm footbath, I pressure point reflexes and end with a relaxing oil message. When your feet feel good, you feel good!!

REFLEXOLOGY is a science of using specific touch technique of applying pressure, using your thumb and fingers, to reflex points of the feet and hands. Each foot has over 7,200 nerve endings (reflexes), 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. A typical treatment includes applying pressure to specific reflex points that have relations to each and every organ and all parts of the body. This type of therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation, which reduces your body tension.

Treat Your Feet, Reflexologist | Hand and Feet Reflexology | Work Shops | School of Reflexology | Augusta MaineTHE THEORY is that feet mirror your body. By placing an outline of the body over an image of feet, you can see the toes correspond to the head area. Where the toes join the foot is the shoulder line. Below that, are your lungs. As you go down the feet, the other body parts and organs correspond to the specific defined areas in the feet. For more information on REFLEXOLOGY, see the Book Page.

WE ARE ALL SEARCHING for ways of staying well, not just getting better. We believe holistic health care can involve many modalities such as good nutrition, exercise, spinal alignments, massage and reflexology. Reflexology is an effective technique for regaining better health, but is not intended to replace care of your physician.


REFLEXOLOGY does not claim to be a "cure-all" but our clients have experienced relief of symptoms of many common disorders. The following are just a small sample of my customer's comments.
• "Reflexology has kept me walking!"
Robert G., age 90+
• "I know my feet and body feel much better with weekly reflexology treatments!" Mildred W., age 80+
• "Reflexology helps me reduce my body stress and the pain in my shoulder!"
Al G., corporate manager.


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