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There is a great demand for good Reflexologists and your success is very important to me. Wonderful opportunity to add to your income, enhance your current profession or start your own business. A 250 hour certified course for $3,300. Learn reflexology and its Application. Cost includes a Reflexology Chair, all required reading materials, foot and hand charts, foot bath items and more. For more information call Board Certified Foot Reflexologist Myra S. Achorn Augusta, ME 626-FEET (3338)

The intent of my Reflexology Course is to: provide the highest quality training in Reflexology Zone Therapy. Prepare students to take the American Reflexology Certification Board's exam. (ARCB) The primary goal of my course is to train the career-minded individual, and offer education that will provide for an employable, responsible and accountable person, able to perform therapeutic reflexology work in a variety of settings.

I believe that reflexology therapy is a valuable tool in the holistic approach to health care and wellness, and that the practitioners of therapeutic reflexology must understand the human body and it functions, and be able to apply this knowledge in practical situations. (A prerequisite of a Basic Anatomy/Physiology course is recommended, but not required.)

Reflexology, as we know it today, is highly respected as one of the oldest effective therapeutic techniques known to humanity. One of the more significant and encouraging trends in health care today is the increased emphasis placed on the prevention of disease. Reflexology therapy improves circulation, helps to lower blood pressure, improves the immune system and stimulates the relaxation response, which is why reflexology is highly successful as an allied health care modality. During the past several years, the demand for therapeutic reflexologist has grown rapidly, and as a result, so has the demand for trained therapists. A career in the fields of reflexology therapy is an exciting opportunity for an individual to make a significant contribution to society.

This is a 250 Hour Course consisting of 12 days, 8 hours each with
Assignments to learn Reflexology and its Applications.
We meet on weekends for 6 weekends spaced apart ~ Sat. & Sun. ~ 9am to 5pm. (if possible) 5 required books to read, one workbook, one book report and 90 documented Reflexology sessions.

Course Content:

  • Reflexology: Art, Science & History of Zone Therapy, know today as Reflexology.
  • Anatomy and physiology of all the body systems and how they are applied within reflexology.
  • Review of foot disorders, reflexology referral areas and helper areas.
  • Practical application of reflexology to the feet and hands and how to give a foot bath.
  • How to assess the feet and hands including anatomy, conditions and functions.
    Practical application of Auricular therapy of the ears.
  • Instruction on how to fill out client information forms and documentation requirements.
    How to give a reflexology session and run a business.
  • Overview of meridian therapy and how it effects reflexology.

The Final Exam consists of both a Written and Practical Test, Book Report plus 90 Documented Sessions.

Upon successful completion of this program and all financial obligations have been met, you will receive a certificate acknowledging the completion of a 250 hour course to learn Reflexology and its Applications. This certificate is recognized by the Maine Council of Reflexologists, Reflexology Association of America, and the American Reflexology Certification Board as being a certified reflexologist with 200 plus hours of study.

Myra Achorn's Bio:  My training in Reflexology was a tremendous learning experience and an eye opener to holistic health care methods. I earned my certification in 1990. Since then my private practice, Treat Your Feet, has grown steadily. My Reflexology education continues by attending a variety of workshops. I studied with Sandi Rogers from Australia on Advanced Reflexology (Bio-Mechanics), Geraldine Tay from Malaysia on The Rwo Shur Method on Foot Reflexology, Bill Runquist from California on Foot Mobilization & Assessment, Inge Dougans from South Africa on Reflexology & Meridian Therapy. I attended a 3 day workshop on Integrating Feet Hands and Ears Reflexology presented by Bill Flocco from California and most recently attended 5 workshops through the International Institute of Reflexology with Dwight Byers and his staff of teachers, George Balut, Vicki Heppe & Lillian Tibshraeny. I am a Charter Member of the Maine and international Council of Reflexologists, Reflexology Association of America, and I earned my National Certification in 1992 from the American Reflexology Certification Board in California. I have lectured and done workshops for many organizations such as: The University of Maine, Augusta, Common Grand Fair, the Maine Chapter of Massage Therapy, CMP, Edward Jones Investments, 12 Step programs, J.M. Coombs- Freeport Employees, Jaycee's Augusta Chapter, Maine General Hospital and three Nursing Homes. For 5 years, I was the faculty Reflexologist for Fuller Circles, School for Therapeutic Massage in Waterville, Maine. One of my goals for the future is to introduce Reflexology into the work place.
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